Creating a video from the DIY-category based on the client’s script

Test your skills and film your own story!


Templates from the DIY-category provide complete freedom with how the action plays out.  There is no prescribed scenario. Instead, you have locations, characters and a variety of items to choose from. Select the ones you want in your story.

DIY-templates are like constructor. This example – a project called New World Video – will show you how to work with them.


It all starts with the story. Write a detailed script and send it to us, preferably with a detailed description of specific episodes.

Ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Who is your character (the target audience)?
  • What does he want to achieve? What problem is he facing?
  • What are the options for solving this problem? Why are your suggestions better than alternatives?
  • Who can help the protagonist? How did he find out about your company?
  • What changes after he meets with your offer?
  • How does it end?

The answers can make a great plot!

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Let’s say you want to talk about an online service for job searching.

  • An unemployed young guy …
  • … who wants to get a good job.
  • Therefore, he spends hours flipping through newspaper advertisements.
  • But then his girlfriend comes and tells him about this great website for job-searching.
  • And that’s where our guy finds a great new job.
  • Now he works at a large bank.

Describe each episode in detail and write an accompanying text for it. To better communicate your ideas, use animated text insertions between scenes to make your script even more understandable.

For example:

  • An intro with text “What’s the best way to find a new job?”
  • Location number one – an apartment. A young man sits on the couch and flicks through a newspaper.
  • A bubble appears above his head: “I want to find a job!”
  • A girl enters.
  • A bubble appears above her head: “Seek smartly!”
  • An intro with text “All the best jobs are on!”
  • Location number two – a bank. Our guy looks happy at his new workplace.
  • An intro with text “Find your dream job!”
  • Your logo.

So, all you need is:

  • Two locations: a home and a bank


  • Two characters: a boy and a girl


  • Episodes with text insertions


All these graphical objects can be found on the project page. Choose the characters and put them in the right surroundings. Then send information on the selected items together with your script to our team.

Please note: visualization of DIY-templates has certain limitations. By default, this story is more like a comic book that came to life. Characters move actively, but usually they don’t really talk to each other and they have little contact with the surrounding elements.

For example, your character can stand next to a table and pick up a flower. But he can’t break the table and or pull off the petals, because these actions weren’t originally put in the template. We can implement such things, but it will require more work from our animator, which will increase the cost of the project. In any case, before starting production we discuss all the details (including implementation and budget issues) via e-mail.

Script creation is no easy task, so you can always order it from us. To do this, submit a request via the feedback form.

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