Development of a unique script on client’s request, taking into account all his wishes

Writing a script is not easy. To do this, you need some experience and knowledge of the basics of drama. Hand this task over to us! This article will explain how to go about putting in a request properly, so that the writer will understand all your wishes.

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A good result depends on good communication. Writing a script requires some important information.

1. You know your product the best – both its specifics and capabilities. Give us all the main points you want to highlight in the video. What problems does your service or product solve? Who is your target audience? Give us detailed answers to all these What, Why and How questions. And don’t worry about the pencraft – all we need is the information.

2. If possible, list the requirements for action. What do you want to see on the screen? Who are your heroes (or, in other words, the target audience)? Where do events occur?

3. If you need a video voiceover narration, select the style you would like to hear in your video. It may be official, confidential or laid-back in tone. Imagine you’re going to talk to your consumer – What style of communication would you choose? If you need more language adaptations, please let us know about that as well.

4. Specify the timing. Sometimes videos can be limited in duration – for example, if they’re made for radio and TV broadcast, or when placed on some Internet services. If there are no strict technical limitations, tell us about the length you prefer.

5. What is the most important task in your video? What should a viewer do after watching?

video, animation, script, order, motion design

Usually this information is enough to develop a script for a template from the DIY-category. If you have any other questions, we’ll give you all the details via e-mail.

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