Development of a new template for the client’s business

We are often faced with a situation where our client needs an original template.

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First, great business ideas as yet unknown are constantly emerging in the world. That’s cool! We’re huge fans of innovation. Except that a template for a brand new business can be difficult to find, even in our catalog.

Second, an original template is needed when a client wants to get an exclusive video, but unfortunately, his budget doesn’t allow him to order one that’s unique.

Deadlocks do not exist on Motionups! We’re interested in expanding our catalog, and we want to make our customers happy. But since the development of a high-grade motion design project requires a lot of resources, it’s important to be aware of two conditions to keep your costs low:

  • We will put this template in our catalog for public access. Our users can create their own videos based on it.
  • The video shouldn’t be about a totally unique business model; otherwise we won’t be able to offer this template to other users.

Satisfied with these conditions? Then let’s begin!

How to order a unique template?

As accurately as possible, try to describe the subject, the idea and the most important task of your video

What should the video tell about? What is your product or service about? What problems does the product or service solve? Who is your customer? What should a viewer do after watching?

List the main points

What do you want to tell in the video? Do you have a slogan that should be used?

Set the style

Open our catalog and select several suitable templates as an example. Give us the links.

Upload visual materials

Photos, videos, your logo – all that is needed for a proper presentation of your product.

Determine the timing

If the video has no time limitations, tell us the approximate duration preferred.

Give instructions about the soundtrack

Explain your wishes regarding the style and mood of the soundtrack. Is there a need for a voiceover?

Send your application to our administrator.

After receiving your application we will contact you via e-mail to discuss all the details and further steps.

video, animation, script, order, motion design

Ordering a unique template that will remain in our catalog is probably the only way to get the original video for the price of the adaptation.

Yes, if you take this route, someday, somewhere, perhaps (!) a similar video might appear. But with completely different content. We doubt that this will matter to your customers.

However, if you want to get the video for your own exclusive use, no problem.

We’ve thought about this possibility as well.

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