Original video for your use only

We can create an original video on request and transfer all the rights to it to the client. Frankly, our Motionups team used to work only on a scheme like that. And successfully continues to work this way now.

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Differences from “the original template” 

A video for your use only is the most expensive service on Motionups. But this is the only way to tell from the screen about something brand new to the market. And most importantly, there are practically no boundaries for the implementation.

  1. You will receive all rights to the video, and we’re not going to use it and its components in the Motionups catalog. So the topic of the presentation can be absolutely unique.
  2. Characters and objects move and interact in the episodes freely. There are no animation limitations like with templates. Videos won’t remind you of comics that came to life.
  3. A complete and cohesive video. With templates, some episodes can be visually independent and have little connection to one another. Because of this, the user can replace and delete entire scenes. In the custom made video there is no need for such features – the whole story looks complete.

We are perfectionists. The artistic appeal of templates in the catalog is extremely important to us. And for custom-made videos, even more so.

We adapt graphics from the client’s brand book to develop a unique character. There is no “stock” shade.

But it’s not just aesthetics. After years of working with video-production, we have learned to understand the peculiarities of a variety of markets. You can see evidence of this in the wide variety presented in our catalog. We pay great attention to thematic categories and highlight specific business services.

video, animation, script, order, motion design

What do our videos consist of?

  1. A thoughtful script. We study the subject of the presentation thoroughly. The video must solve tasks without boring the audience.
  2. Graphics that are pleasing the eyes. We do simple, pleasant and modern visualization.
  3. Good, accurate sound. Inspiring music and a professional speaker are no less important than a good picture.
  4. Genuine emotions. The video will help reach not only the mind of the consumer, but also his heart.

We’re ready to start right now!

And if you’re ready too, fill in a detailed brief. Or just read it so you’re all set to get to work later, and contact us through the feedback form.

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