MU Manual. Step 1. Getting Started and Template Selection

Welcome to the Motionups manual!

The service allows you to create your own high-quality video-based templates, saving a lot of money and time. These templates are almost ready videos, in which you only have to add your logo, text, photos or video. There are also additional options that will make a movie special – the voiceover, sound effects and different variants of color schemes.

Where to start? Just click the “Choose Template” button.


This will take you to the catalog. You can select the template you like right away, but to be sure of your choice, we suggest exploring other available options beforehand.

For your convenience, we have sorted the templates according to price, duration and rating. Use filters to select the appropriate options.


Try out the search function. For example, type a query with the word Travel, and you will get access to all the templates about traveling.


By default, the templates are shown in grid format. But if you click on the “Sorting” button that indicates a list, the projects will line up vertically and next to each you will see a textual description.


We have also sorted all the templates into thematic categories. You can read a detailed description of each one by clicking on its name.


All categories have their membership profile.

For example, the templates of Digital\Web category relate to the field of online and digital-production. They will explain the ins and outs of virtual services.


Each category has its own subcategories.


The templates are chosen either by category or by stylistic embodiment.

For example, the Cutaway\Catalogue subcategory General Presentation tells about the history of company, describes its achievements, presents the team and so on.


In Shopping/Sales you will see the “shopping” templates about sales, discounts, prices and products. You could see similar videos in traditional TV shops.


Videos from the Offline Business subcategory are best suited for traditional business out of the Internet realm: tourism, real estate, restaurants, delivery.


Another example – the Infographics subcategory. Here, we’ve collected videos not according to subject, but according to their functional purpose. Which, in this case, is the visualization of data.


The templates from the DIY-story subcategory are another story.

These are video constructors designed for those who have not found anything suitable for their topic in the rest of the catalog. Or for those who just want to be creative.

So here, you have complete freedom of action. A huge selection of characters, locations, graphical icons. You send us your script, and we visualize it.


Made your choice? Just click on the template. You will be taken to the page with a detailed description of the project.


Take a good look at that page. Here you can see the video description, its value, and the column of icons. We tell you about them in more detail below.


  • The uppermost icon indicates video resolution.
  • The Clock below states the video duration.
  • The pencil and number show how many color schemes you have to choose from.
  • The smiley face at the bottom gives an idea of the general mood of the video.

If you want to continue working with the template later, just press “Add to cart”. This way the template will appear on your account and you can return to it at any convenient time.


Ready to start? Click on the “Create” button. Move on to the best part!