MU Manual. Step 2. Working on the project: how to fill the template with information

Let’s start creating the video.

After clicking on the “Create” button, you get to the adaptation page of the selected template. At first, some elements of this page may seem a bit confusing. Let’s start getting acquainted with them.


Each project consists of episodes. These are individual shots of the future presentation.

Episodes can be static or animated, and contain text, pictures, graphics, charts or other content.


Episodes you don’t need can be removed without affecting the plot.

To do this, move the cursor to the episode you wish to remove and click on the pop-up icon with a basket in the right corner.

If you deal with a thematic template, we recommend you remove not just one single episode, but delete the whole semantic unit to which it belongs. Sometimes it’s impossible to delete a single episode, because neighboring scenes tend to be associated with each other.


It’s also easy to copy episodes. Click on the appropriate icon in the left-hand corner. Do not forget to move the copy afterwards. Having two identical scenes too close together is an obvious flaw in video production.


To move it, hold the selected scene with the cursor and drag it to the desired location. This way you can move any part of the video.

If you change the sequence of episodes, don’t forget to preserve the unity of the story as a whole.


Decided on the number and the sequence of the episodes? Then it’s time to enter your data in special fields.

There is a Title and a detailed Text Block.

You need the Text Block to:

  1. Enter a lot of text (if suitable for the episode).
  2. Describe your vision of the episode in details. Tell us how you would like to adapt the episode. For example, an important part of the text, if desired, can be highlighted with another color. In this case the Text Block is also a form of feedback.


There are also episodes which allow you to upload photos.


And there can be several images in one and the same episode!


Use a photo as a background, or as a part of an episode design.


In addition to photographs, in some templates you can also download maps. For example, showing the location of your office.

Customers will appreciate the attention to detail!


If the episode is about graphs, charts or diagrams, upload a file with necessary data. For example, an Excel table. And we will correct the appropriate infographic elements.


You need to convey complex information clearly and accurately? Describe in any form what you want to see on the screen using the Text Block.


Our website is equipped with an autosave function. The saved project will be available on your Personal Page.


You can continue working with the template, delete it, or send it to our team.

Send us the project for review only after filling all the video episodes with information.


However, the work with the template doesn’t end there. We will continue!