MU Manual. Step 3. Additional episodes and a unique plot

You can modify the templates in every way, filling them with your unique content. However, sometimes, this is not enough – especially if you want to show more creativity. Therefore, we have provided the opportunity to create your own stories.

You can add an original episode in the video. This will diversify the plot and make the video more unique. To create such an episode, click on the image with the “plus” sign.


A unique episode can be animated or static.

Animated is more difficult to implement, and therefore it’s more expensive.


Describe what you want to see in the new episode.

If possible, add files with images or video.

Pay attention to the change in the cost of the project.


You can make more than one new episode. You can create your own story from beginning to end. To do this, go to the Explanatory VIdeo category and select the subcategory DIY-story.


This is a universal constructor of video clips.

“Compile” your visualization from many different elements. Here, you have the characters, locations and items.

Send us your own script with a detailed description of the episodes. And we will take care of its realisation.