MU Manual. Step 4. Finishing the project: music, effects, subtitles

Uploaded all the necessary materials? Go to additional options and make your video even more original.


You can add the voiceover to your presentation.

All templates are designed to convey the necessary information in silent mode. But voiceover will make a video even more engaging. We offer a choice of male and female voice actors.


Good music will enhance the viewer’s perception of the video and create the right mood.

By default, the music is turned on, but you can disable it.


Sound effects are a necessary seasoning to the main dish. They benefit any video. Sound effects create the right semantic accents and emphasize the important moments of your story.


You can also add subtitles to the video. This is especially important if you are going to show the video without sound.


Congratulations! You have done a solid job. Now it’s all up to us.

Submit the project for adaptation.

We will coordinate further actions via e-mail.