MU Manual. Step 5. Video distribution: where to place the video

Motionups has an ambitious goal – to make quality video distribution available. Therefore, we give advice not only on how to create a good video, but also about what to do with it.

Video distribution: where to place the video

We will send you a link to download the finished video via email. The file will also be stored in your personal profile. It’s time to learn how to get started with a video presentation.

Usually, the clients themselves already know where and how to show their videos. Sometimes the target audience consists of only one person – the director, a key customer or even the president. Some videos are shown in offices, public places or in shop windows. The options are limitless. That’s why these hints are usually unnecessary – the client understands better than anyone the specifics of his particular business and audience.

Still, there are always new opportunities for development and gaining a new audience. Our tips are designed for those who want to promote the video on the Internet, but lack experience in this.

Let’s start with recommendations on video placement.

Choosing a web host

When we say “show the video on the Internet”, we usually mean “upload it on YouTube”.

This video hosting service hardly needs any special introduction. Let’s just say one thing: four billion page views per day. And the best thing – everyone can work with YouTube! But to do it as efficiently as possible, you need to pay attention to some of the nuances.


Name it properly

YouTube is owned by Google, and videos from this hosting service are greatly indexed by search engines.

Therefore, a name like  “Video276Zx” is a very bad idea. And forgetting about keywords in the accompanying text is reckless. You need an informative, catchy title and a good description.

Tip: you can choose keywords for text on AdWords. It’s free of charge.


Want to attract visitors to your website? Insert a link to your web resource in the description of the video. It’s best to do this at the beginning of the text block. YouTube “hides” big text descriptions. The same applies to your contact information.

Another useful YouTube option – annotations that you can write directly on the screen. In fact, these are banners that can be placed over the video.

On the edit page, select the tab Video Manager and click on the Annotations icon.


Add a text box. It can be moved directly on the screen.


The annotations can be attached to a link to another video, a playlist, a Google+ account, or a project to raise funds approved by YouTube.

Here is a list of such projects, which are often charitable:


To place a link to your site, you need to adjust the settings of the channel, and confirm the right to the specified web resource.

How to do this is described in this detailed instruction:

Annotations are pretty simple, but an effective solution for increasing conversion. The main thing is not to overuse it. An episode filled with too many references causes irritation.

Making a channel

A good account is really important. Fine dress helps to impress, as they say.

You don’t need any special skills to make a channel on YouTube unique. The service helps users with the design.


Clicking on the words “View All” will take you to the “Tips” page. It contains tips on: how to upload a banner in the header of the channel; how to add links to the site and social networks; and how to tell about yourself and your videos.


You can add a video trailer to your channel and sort videos by section.

To do this, click on the pencil icon under the Google+ icon and go to “Navigation Setting”.


In the “Overview” turn on the said regime. Save the changes.


Done! Now select a trailer for the channel and add themed videos into the sections.

How a trailer may look like? You will find interesting options in the Identity category.


Work with comments

Usually the comments option is turned off, although it’s a powerful channel of communication with the client. Consult your customers. Give them additional information that does not fit into the video.

If you suspect a troll sent by your competitors among the comments, do not panic. Witty answers on the subject will always be appreciated by those participating in the exchange.

But it’s not just about communication.

Videos with active discussions, a large number of views, and assessments are ranked much better on YouTube.

Cheating on YouTube

Don’t forget about other video hosting services. There are many, and working with them is quite easy and almost always free of charge.

But not all resources are as versatile as YouTube.

For example, Vimeo is more of a “hipster” hosting. Its customers are usually studios and various creative individuals. And video posted on RuTube is targeted for the Russian-speaking audience who have little contact with Western resources.

These examples are rather YouTube-ish. If you dig deeper, you can find services that are more appropriate for business.

One of these resources is Vzaar. A very useful website. Load advertising in videos and work with your projects through mobile applications that generate RSS-feeds. Although access to the service naturally comes at a price, beginners will be offered a free trial period.


Another example – Wistia – is not exactly a hosting service, but more like an integratable video player. The exact opposite of YouTube. The service easily adapts to the design of the site. The strongest aspect of Wistia is analytics. You will be aware of not only the number of visitors, but also at what minute users lose interest and turn off the video. If, of course, they do this.


Brightcove is a service with the great ability of “implantation” in the site.

Unlike competitors, the embedded player literally becomes a part of the design. It looks so organic that guessing the presence of a “foreign body” is almost impossible.

This is because the player interface can be calibrated with amazing details. Working with Brightcove requires some experience and perseverance. But the result is worth it.


Our recommendations represent just a small fraction of the different approaches used in the long and fascinating process of video distribution. Stay tuned!