Templating a video. How to save time and money

When the next Captain Obvious says that video production is too expensive – rip that thought pattern to shreds and show the guy this article. His world will never be the same again.


We can bet on a bucket of smoothies that you’ve heard about such thought patterns. And even know that they’re kind of bad for us.

Is not so simple, though. Yes, our mind loves all those familiar, long established schemes. Some of them save us a lot of energy and allow us not to overthink things. Look both ways when crossing the road, do not touch hungry bears in the zoo – these are positive examples of  behavioral patterns.

But some stereotypical thoughts complicate life. For example: “Qualitative videos are available only in production studios. They are expensive and time consuming. “

A thought like that arises in the heads of millions of businessmen, lit up like a neon sign when someone advises them to invest in video advertising. And this sign is so bright that they can’t even see the obvious advantages of video content behind it.

Well, what can we say? Indeed, the hard work of a large creative team should be charged for appropriately. And if you want to actually like the result, you have to coordinate every detail with this team. Yep, expensive and time consuming.

That is, unless, of course, everything has already been done in advance.


Videos based on ready-made templates are a disruptive innovation that leaves no stone unturned in the idea of the cost and duration of video production. This is a recipe for how to create videos quickly and cheaply.

Working with templates is easy. First, pick the one you like. Second, fill it with your photos, videos and text. The output is a high-quality video.

At the same time, even at the development stage, you know how the result will look. You can see with your own eyes all the episodes of the video, its composition, tempo-rythme and general atmosphere.

For the video to become original and different from another template, adapt it as you like. Add optional voiceover, sound effects or change the color scheme. Only the Motionups team will know your little secret.

And there’s plenty of variety too. There are lots of templates, all divided into categories. You can make everything from professional presentations for business to personal photo albums.

Infographics? No problem. Explanatory video? Simple. An epic video invitation to the local Woodstock in your neighbor’s garage? Why not!

But even if that is not enough, you can always go to the DIY-category. Here you can feel free to create something new, especially if in your soul there lives a new Hitchcock. Come up with a story, write a script and send it to Motionups. And the dedicated experts here will take care of the rest.

And now let’s get to the main mercantile point: Time and money.

This pleasant template experience costs several times less than a traditional video. And you don’t need to wait months for the result. The template adaptation takes just up to seven days.

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Lastly, ask yourself these three simple questions:

  1. Is it worth overpaying and waiting weeks for the result just to have the exclusive rights to the video?
  2. Will your business suffer if, by chance, on another continent, someone shows a presentation similar in structure, but with his/her own logo, pictures and videos?
  3. Is (it – having an original video??)  that important for your clients?

It’s up to you! We are committed to finding solutions to any questions you may have.