Usually the term "slideshow" is used to describe boring video cuts made of a set of photos. With our templates, it’s totally different. Create a story with a unique mood!
Successive pictures were created long before the inventors of cinema - the Lumière brothers - began to look up at trains. And you know, the slideshow is still in trend!
Want to create something similar? Then we’ve compiled just the right templates for you.
With their help, you can do more than just present the photos in sequence. These templates allow you to create colorful videos with different themes, mood and visualizations.
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  • video-preview
    Stamp Frames Template
    from $150
    resolution 1280*720
    duration 00:01:01
    numberColorSchemes 3
    mood Вright
  • video-preview
    Exclusive One Opener
    from $100
    resolution 1280*720
    duration 00:00:41
    numberColorSchemes 1
    mood Fashionable