A wedding is a special event. So we decided to put templates on this subject in their own separate category. These designs can be used for invitations, as well as to create a memorable video as a keep-sake of your special day.
In only one case can so much love be squeezed into one template - a wedding invitation, of course!
Using a template like this, you can not only invite people to the reception, but also create a memorable video of this special event for your family.
And by the way, these templates are also rather popular among various wedding agencies.
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  • video-preview
    Pattern slideshow
    from $100
    resolution 1280*720, 1920*1080
    duration 00:00:21
    numberColorSchemes 3
    mood Happy
  • video-preview
    Enamored Video
    from $100
    resolution 1280*720
    duration 00:01:01
    numberColorSchemes 3
    mood Love!