New World Video (Sample) - Variant 1

This may well be the most multi-functional template in the world.

price from: $500

With it, you can create your own universe! It has basic characters - with movements and gestures; a great choice of locations - from an executive office to a space station. Plus a variety of other optional details.
Tell viewers about your company or your holiday adventures. Invite your friends to watch Star Wars or to attend your product presentation.

Whatever your goal, you come up with the script and we’ll bring it to life!

This video is provided solely as a demonstration of the template’s capabilities.
Specific adaptation of your project can be made here.With this link you’ll find a complete set of tools with a variety of characters and locations.
This template has a few demo versions. Make sure you have seen all of them!


Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

    • Video resolution
    • Video duration
    • Available color schemes
    • General mood of the video
  • resolution 1280*720
  • duration 00:09:11
  • number color schemes 3
  • mood Creative

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