Motionups is a service for the production of videos based on predefined templates. This approach is advantageous for several reasons:

1. Low price. Adaptation based on the template is 5-7 times cheaper than the production of a unique video.

2. High speed. Entering the data for all the episodes of the template will take just one hour, while the creation of scenarios for the individual project can last for weeks.

Adaptation of the template takes from 1 to 7 days. A unique production usually requires at least a month to render all episodes with subsequent animation. And sometimes the process is further delayed because of long approvals from different departments in the customer’s company.

3. Certainty. In the production of a unique project, the customer often does not understand how the finished video will look. And with templates, the result is clear immediately.

You can appreciate the harmony of the composition, dynamics, animation and the general atmosphere of the video just by watching the preview.

If the template gives you the right feeling and contains all the necessary episodes for your presentation, then start creating your own video!

How is Motionups different from other services that create animation and video presentations?

1. We offer the best templates from the best motion-designers from around the world. Therefore, our quality and variety is higher than in projects where a limited number of people create the content.

2. Many templates are honed for a certain topic. The client doesn’t need to waste time writing the script, or thinking about ways to reveal the essence of his service and its benefits correctly. All of this is already incorporated into the template, and quite organically, by the way - without long pauses or episodes that are way too complicated. Problems such as these can often occur when ordering a unique video from an inexperienced studio.

3. Personal quality control in each project. The main part of the video production is automated. We picked the thematic templates, sorted them by categories for quick navigation, and made a user-friendly interface to download information. However, the adaptation of the video will begin only after the administrator examines all materials submitted by the client. We need to make sure that we have enough information to start work. If we have any questions, we will communicate with the client via e-mail. This allows us to make a quality product that will satisfy customer needs and solve the task.

4. We understand the specifics of our clients’ business. In addition to adaptations, we create our own thematic templates. Every time we need to dive into a field that is new for us, we structure the information to make it understandable and attractive to the viewer. The vast majority of existing online constructors do not pay attention to the thematic areas of business, and thus, are unlikely to advise a client regarding the specific orientation of the video. We, however, have studied business processes in various fields over the years and have learned to do it well.

The catalog of templates is divided into categories.


“Cutaways” are common presentations for companies and freelancers, as well as themed promotional videos for offline business.

Digital / Web

Here you will find everything for digital production and online promotion. Individual categories represent different digital products, such as websites or mobile applications.

Explainer video

These videos reveal the essence of the service, product or idea. Here, you can also find "vacant" templates that do not have a prepared story. These are intended for visualizing the client’s story.


The best solution for those situations when you need to show a lot of information - maybe even something complex - in a simple and attractive way.


These templates are perfect for invitations to various events - corporate, personal or any other.


Short promos without detailed explanation of the thematic information. This category is perfect for those situations when you need a brief intro with photos, titles, and logo animation.


Videos for private users. Everything that is usually hidden from the eyes of public - family photo albums, wedding videos, informal parties.

None of the categories meet your needs? Then go to the DIY-story subcategory ("What are the DIY-story projects about?"), that focuses on creation of videos with a unique script. These templates consist of graphical objects that can be adapted in any way, depending on the client’s wishes.

We also have a subcategory General Presentation. Here you can find universal templates suitable for almost every company. Just upload your contact information and some graphical files.

First of all, think about the subject of your future video.

Look at the templates in the selected category. If you liked several variants at once, you can compare their technical characteristics ("What do the icons in the video description mean?") and the price.

Made a decision about the template? Then just press the "Create" button in the upper right-hand corner of the page of the video.

After clicking on the "Create" button you will be taken to the adaptation page.

Here you can see all the parts of the template. Fill in the necessary episodes ("What can I do on the video creation page?") and exit by clicking "Send for Review".

If we have any questions or need additional materials, our administrator will contact you via e-mail.

Once the data is sufficient to adapt the template, the administrator will send you an email notification. Within 7 days* after payment, we will send the download link to your video.

The video will also be available in the Archive Orders page of your Personal Page.

* Note: The production time may increase if you decide to add more scenes or create a video with a unique script.

Here you can see all the video episodes in the format of still shots. If an episode is suitable for adaptation, next to it you will see the fields for data entry.

In these fields, write your wishes and all the necessary information. You can also write the description in a separate document on your computer and send it to us via the “upload file” button. Communicate any way you like! We will understand :)

You are satisfied with the selected template, but it can’t display all your information? Then use the "Add a unique episode" button!

Unique episode can be presented in two formats - animated and static. We will try to add in the new fragment as smoothly as possible.

When adding a new episode, describe your wishes as accurately as possible: what should be shown and how, exactly. By the way, you can also do the opposite - you can delete unnecessary episodes from the template.

Additional parameters of the video can be selected in the upper panel:

1. Speaker (voice-over). Here you can select one of two options - male or female voice. Please note that when you activate voice-over, you need to provide a text in written form that you would like hear behind the scenes.

2. Music. This option is enabled by default, but can be disabled if you wish. But bear in mind, without musical accompaniment, the impact of the video decreases and the wow factor fades away. In the template, we use only those music tracks that are presented in the video preview.

3. Sound effects. An option for those who appreciate premium quality! When you activate this option, the soundtrack will be even more impressive. All of the key actions in the video will be highlighted with relevant sound effects.

4. Subtitles. These should be added if you plan to show the video without sound. For example, at exhibitions or on outdoor screens. Besides, having subtitles corresponds with the principles of Universal Design, which promotes the idea of a comfortable world for all. Thus, a person with limited hearing ability can also get all necessary information.

For most templates the indicated price is final. But it becomes approximate after the addition of any unique episodes. We do not know in advance the specifics and complexity of clients’ wishes for the new episodes. In such cases, the amount of work becomes clear only after the project is sent to the administrator for verification.

In some cases, the price can change even without the addition of unique episodes. For example, if there is too much information for an episode and thus, the video needs to be significantly refined. Situations like this are usually discussed separately via e-mail.

The price will remain unchanged if the original structure and composition of the template shown on the website wasn’t changed during the work.

Attention! Videos from the subcategory DIY-story are evaluated individually each time! By default, they are set on the minimum price.

Basically, it's a video constructor. In the project there is no prepared script, only a set of elements and their options: looks of the characters, locations, types of movement, etc.

To create a video, you need to provide us with a script and describe specific elements for each individual episode.

Also you can order a unique scenario to be made for you by contacting us through the feedback form.

Resolution. Specifies the maximum resolution available - and the one we will work with to create your video. If for some reason you need a lower resolution, let the administrator know when filling in the information in text fields or via e-mail.

Timing. The duration of the basic version of the template. Timing may vary if the user has added unique episodes or, conversely, deleted some of them.

Number of color schemes. In certain templates colors of episodes can be changed - for example, to match the corporate identity. This option is available if the labelled number is more than "1". Otherwise, the only available color scheme is the one presented in a preview of the template.

Mood. Creative parameters. We introduced these to better describe the feelings induced by the template.

You can use the video for your own advertising or for personal purposes without time and territory limits.

But you do not have the right to sell the content, or to sell any products that contain elements of content. For example, by printing still images from the video on physical objects.

For the right to sell the content obtained through Motionups, an Extended License is required. In this case, please contact Customer Support.

Yes, we provide such a service. Usually the need to develop unique ideas arises from adaptation of "DIY-story" projects.

Creation of a story is complex and creative work. Therefore, we are ready to help our customers overcome such challenges. To order a script, please contact Customer Support.

You can adapt any template as many times as you wish.

Further information, variant 1: However, each new adaptation will be considered and charged as a new standard order.

Further information, variant 2: When ordering several adaptations of the same template, we provide a 10% discount on the total amount of the order.

Before the final adaptation, we coordinate all the data via e-mail.

We start producing the video after payment is received. Production takes time and incurs labor expenses. Therefore, we see re-editing of the video based on the selected template as a new adaptation, which goes for the same price (but with a 10% discount).

You can choose a template from the "DIY-story" category, create your own script and send it to us. Projects in this category are suitable for the visualization of any idea!

You can also order a unique script and/or video by contacting Customer Support.

Of course! We are open to cooperation. Send your suggestions to Customer Support. We look forward to new ideas!